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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

A comprehensive Wedding Tailor Review (HST Tailors) - Singapore Wedding Photography bundle available!

If you’ve been in Singapore for quite a while, it’s impossible that you haven’t heard about HST Tailors even once. Though the craze for readymade clothes are going upwards surprisingly, there is still much value in visiting a reputed tailor for making elegant clothes. HST Tailors is a pioneer in the clothing industry in Singapore and this tailoring house is recognized for its outstanding outfits. The purpose of this article is to review the services and infrastructure of HST Tailors in brief. If you’re doubtful about visiting the tailoring house for making great customised outfits, this article may come in handy.

The reputation of the brand

Hwa Seng Textiles (HST)’s brand started its journey in 1960 and the brand didn’t take much to hit the stars. Within a few years after its establishment, the company managed to posit itself in an incomparable position in the clothing industry. Over these decades, the company has been supplying and distributing textiles to the reputed cloth manufacturing companies in Singapore. However, the company is blessed with its in-house tailoring department which is famous for delivering premium outfits.

What’s the specialty of HST tailors?

HST Tailors is committed to delivering clothes exactly how its clients want and fit them to bodies in all shape and sizes. Whenever you hit the floor of HST Tailors with a specific tailoring demand, the seasoned in-house tailor pays attention to your requirements and gets your job done concisely. For instance, I have a small degree of Scoliosis and the tailors could immediately pick that up and tailored something suitable for me. Their many years of experience, serving different people definitely helps it attain that efficiency.

Fabric selection becomes more comfortable

HST tailors welcome you with a wide range of fabrics racked up row by row according to their textures, qualities, and prices. You’ll rarely get to take thousands of fabrics in your hands while you select one among them at other tailoring shops. HST offers you so many fabric options that you’ll end up being lost for choices. But thankfully, Mr. Goh (owner of HST) and his team can advise and assist you in the fabric choice according to your needs and wants. Alongside, you will get professional assistance from the team about selecting suitable buttons that go well with the fabric you’ve selected. For me, I wanted something that could pull off in both casual and formal setting, and something that is not too hot for the sunny weather here in Singapore. Mr Goh immediately took out 3 booklets of fabric choices that fitted those criteria for me. He also helped to match my buttons to the texture and colour of the fabric for the blazer. As my suit is towards to beige tone, with Mr Goh’s help, I chose the buffalo horn made buttons for the blazer that has a slightly darker tone to them. It turned out fantastic!

When it comes to selecting shirt fabrics, you get thousands of fabric options in this segment too. HST Tailors claim to deliver genuine Egyptian cotton shirts and they justify that claim. As you visit the shirts section inside the HST Tailors, you’ll get astonished to check the quality of the shirts delivered by the brand. The same applies to premium trousers. You get a variety of options in this segment too. Similarly, you get to choose your buttons too! I chose the pearl buttons for my white shirt.

So, be it a shirt or suit fabric, you get the opportunity to try thousands of options to select one of your choices in HST Tailors. Also, the HST team representative will help you match your suit fabrics with your trousers and shorts decently.

Taking measurements has been taken to a different level

While most tailoring brands utilize general practices in terms of measuring the body proportions of their clients, HST tailors take a few steps ahead and take the process of measurement recording to an artistic level. Protractors are implied to record the accurate body proportions of the clients including certain bends and curves.

Accordingly, lower body measurements are also recorded with standard procedures so that your entire outfit looks delightful. As the tailors of HST Tailors take every curve or slop of your body into consideration, you rarely stand chances to wide or tight outfits delivered by the famous tailoring brand. As mentioned earlier, they took into consideration my scoliosis condition and made sure the suit will fit me beautiful.

With prompt measurements and crafty tailoring skills, the expert tailors of the tailoring house do some exceptional work. With the help of modern tailoring technologies and conventional tailoring experiences, they never fail to imply all the instructions of the clients while tailoring suits, trousers, and shirts for them.

Quality is the first and final priority of the traditional tailoring house and it has been carrying out the trend to date.

You must have understood the authenticity and uniqueness of the tailoring brand as you’ve read the article so far. Ask yourself honestly about how many tailoring houses have you come across that serve so many impeccable features and services under one roof? In Singapore, there’s not many potential competitors of HST in terms of quality service. On top of that, the tailors of the supreme textile brand are always available to make the necessary alterations in outfits according to the demands of customers.

Can you imagine appearing for a busted fitting stage to get your suit tailored by a textile house? Well, HST is at your service with that feature too. Prior to hand stitching your suits and outfits finally, HST informs you to visit for a dedicated busted fitting stage. In that stage, a trial version of the final outfit is delivered to you for trial wear. If the temporary stitches turn out to be fine and the suit fits well with your body, the brand initiates final hand stitching to deliver your product within a few days.

Isn’t the process quite clear and straight? Selecting the fabric of your own choice, getting top-notch shirts with customized buttons, world-class measurement recording, professional clothing assistance, and busted fitting stage- these are all the services you get from HST. They definitely take pride in delivering quality products.

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