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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Best Wedding Gift ideas in Singapore for you. Whether you are getting a gift for your soon-to-be married friend or you are the couple that would like to give something to each other, it can be stressful situation, especially with diverging viewpoints on things. We recognise that searching through internet stores and websites in search of the perfect present may be time-consuming and inconvenient. That is why we are here to assist you! We've compiled a list of the most creative wedding gift ideas available.

Our selection of wedding presents includes a wide range of options, ranging from classic items to more contemporary, technologically oriented items.

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1. MR AND MRS MUGS Key features: • Ceramic mug with marble gilded decoration

• Environmentally friendly

• Wedding gifts that are both elegant and noble A mug is a basic yet practical present for everyone. But, on a wedding day, a mug? Yes! There are mugs created just for couples, making them one of the greatest wedding gifts.

These mugs are constructed of porcelain with high-quality gold imprinting. Worry not, these prints are durable. The overall appearance of these pair mugs, along with the marble pattern, makes it an exquisite aristocratic present.

Picture taken from Amazon


Key features:

• Customisable romantic prints

• Affordable

• Wide Fabric Selection

A set of pillowcases is a basic yet practical present. This present will make the newlyweds' nights a breeze. Customised to your preference to make it even more special!

If pillowcases are not enough, why not buy an entire set which contains pillowcases, a quilt cover, and fitted sheets? Practical and affordable gift like this is perfect for newlyweds!

Picture taken from FortyTwo


Key features:

Practical and Affordable


Giving towels as a gift will never go wrong. It is a home essential and as a present, it signifies the homely warmth and comfort. In addition, it is an essential that people don’t mind having more than one! Hence, you don’t have to worry if someone else will be giving the exact present as you.

Picture taken from Giftr

4. PERSONALIZED NAME COASTERS Key features: Durable Wood

Handmade and etched

Environmentally friendly You may not think of coasters as wedding gifts, but they are among the finest! Coasters are sometimes neglected, yet they are quite helpful.

For a wedding gift, ask the merchant to engrave “Mr” and “Mrs” on the coaster or the couple's names! Usually the kind of wood good for coaster are beech and walnut as they are hardwood which are very good for crafting and they have a beautiful colour to them. Plus, these personalised coasters are biodegradable! No wood will ever go to waste.

Picture taken from Shopee Seller

5. COUPLE BATHROBES Key features:

• Honeymoon ready

• Warmth and comfort

• Wide range of fabric Couple bathrobes are one of the most romantic wedding gifts. This present is ideal for their honeymoon.

Though there are many kinds, my suggestion is to go for 100% polyester bath robes as they are soft and absorbent. The newlyweds will be thrilled with their wedding present! 6. SLIPPERS / FLIP FLOPS / SLIDERS Key features: Essential

Easy to find

We are Singaporean, also known as people who wear slippers/flip flops/sliders everywhere. Hence, these are essential and practical in every sense.

There is no need to customise if you prefer to get it off the shelves. The best part about this gift is that they are super easy to find in this sunny island of ours, literally go into any mall and there they are. Let’s bring back the couple clothing fashion!

Picture taken from Havaianas

7. AIR FRYER Key features:

Cooks almost everything

Healthier cooking

Easy to clean

Nowadays, an air fryer is a “must-have” item in your kitchen. It cooks your favourite deep-fried foods without all the extra calories and fat. For examples my favourite chicken nugget, french fries, seaweed chicken. I have even heard of someone that used it to “grill” fish!

This is a great wedding gift because you can cook almost anything with it! In addition, it is so easy to clean. Some people put in a layer of aluminum foil just so that there is literally no cleaning to do. For newlyweds, they can definitely use an air fryer to master their kitchen skills!

Picture taken from Fairprice - PowerPac


Saves time and effort to clean

Rechargeable Some compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa

“Where got time?!” In today’s busy schedule of all Singaporean, this wedding gift may be pricier but trust us, it’s worth it. Chores can be such a pain especially when we are tired after getting home from work or any activities, so it is a fantastic idea to introduce the newlyweds a robot vacuum cleaner! This will save the couple some time with life’s chores and give them more time to spend with each other.

Picture taken from Ezbuy - Xiaomi

9. GOOGLE SMART HOME Key features:


Rechargeable Google Smart Home devices can be a control centre for your entire home. They allow you do the set alarms and timers and manage to-do lists and shopping lists and so much more! Once you set up your Google Smart Home device, alongside the smart devices in your home, you will be able to control them with the app. Talk about full tech-home edition! It is a gift that serves convenience and in the 21st century, technology is the way to go!

Picture taken from Courts - Google Nest


Key features:



Essential Many of us would know that housing and renovation plans are the next big step right after a wedding for any married couple in Singapore. With an increasing focus on Smart Home technology, it is to no surprise that having a robust security system is equally as important and practical as a gift.

You may want to consider the Google Nest Cam (Indoor). At about $240 SGD per piece, this indoor camera gets alert for what matters, 24/7. Its ecosystem allows couples to monitor their home security via a mobile app and record 1080p videos with a staggering 130 degree wide angle view.

11. Hand Carry Luggage

Key features:


Immediate usage for honeymoon

A relaxing honeymoon is a nearly must have for most married couples not just in Singapore, but around the world. In that case, then having a hand carry luggage would be the next most practical thing for any newlyweds.

We hope this article will be helpful for you (brides-to-be, grooms-to-be or friends of soon-to-be married people) who are planning for the wedding or pre-wedding celebrations.

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