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Capturing candid and authentic expressions. tlgraphy provides stunning actual day photography services for your weddings. Our team is trained in capturing timeless and bright photos that will immortalize memories even after many years down the road. We understand that your wedding day means a great deal to you and your family. Our mission is to capture the subtle and genuine moments, from your partner's expression when reading your vows, to your celebratory moments with friends and families. 

Our team covers a wide range of actual day wedding ceremonies. This ranges from weddings of different ethnicities (e.g. Chinese or Indian weddings), different religions (e.g. church weddings), and different settings (e.g. hotels, restaurants, home solemnizations, etc). 


Planning a wedding can be complex, hence our team has designed a workflow that will be seamless and simple for all of our couples. Our team will take the initiative to arrange a complimentary consultation session with you within a month from your actual day. During this session, our photographers will help you evaluate how many hours of photography services you need base on your needs and timeline. Through the call, our photographers will be able to understand if you have any specific shots you are looking for during your wedding day to better serve you and your partner. Our simplified process would mean a less stressful time if you choose to work with us, knowing that things are easy to understand.

Make the right choice for the most special moment in your life, choose tlgraphy and we will ensure that you look stunning for any setting or locations.

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