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Top 10 Wedding Florists in Singapore for 2024/2025!

Creating the perfect floral backdrop for your wedding can transform your venue into a magical setting. Here are the top 10 wedding florists in Singapore known for their exceptional designs and personalized service, ensuring your big day is as enchanting as you've envisioned.

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Top 10 Wedding Florist Vendors in Singapore

1. FNP Singapore

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FNP Singapore As architects of floral dreams, FNP Singapore weaves your love story into their designs, making every celebration a picturesque event. Known for their vibrant and bespoke floral services, they are a favorite among celebrities for transforming venues into floral paradises.

2. Floral Garage

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Floral Garage SG This florist prides itself on its empathetic approach to customer service and its commitment to enhancing lives through flowers. They are also deeply involved in community work, adding a layer of social responsibility to their business ethos.

3. Royal Blooms

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Royal Blooms Known for their relentless dedication, Royal Blooms promises to go the distance to ensure your floral arrangements are nothing short of spectacular. They are passionate about what they do, ensuring your wedding flowers perfectly match your vision.

4. Elly Sera Florist

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Elly Sera Florist At Elly Sera Florist, meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of floral aesthetics combine to create stunning arrangements that are tailor-made for your special day.

5. The Bloom Room

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The Bloom Room With a philosophy that centers around a mix of quirkiness and whimsy, The Bloom Room specializes in creating fun, vibrant, and unique floral designs that reflect your personality and style.

6. Dan Takeda Flower and Design

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Dan Takeda Flower and Design If dramatic and artistic floral designs are what you seek, Dan Takeda is the artist to turn to. His work is renowned for its ability to transform spaces and create an ambiance that is both luxurious and enchanting.

7. Floral Magic

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Floral Magic As a family-run business, Floral Magic adds a personal touch to their floral designs, blending modern trends with classic styles to create stunning wedding flowers that resonate with warmth and elegance.

8. Fiore Dorato

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At Fiore Dorato, Brenda Lee's artistic vision brings together floral decor that complements the aesthetics of the venue, ensuring each arrangement enhances the overall wedding theme.

9. Sing See Soon

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Sing See Soon One of the oldest and most established florists in Singapore, Sing See Soon offers a wealth of experience and a broad palette of floral designs ranging from the traditional to the avant-garde.

10. Bloomen

wedding florist stands out with its unique approach to floral design, emphasizing playful, artistic creations that perfectly complement the personality and style of each client. Founded by Daryl and his wife, this husband-and-wife team brings passion and creativity to every piece, ensuring that your floral arrangements are as memorable as your special event. Ideal for those who cherish individuality and artistic flair in their floral displays.

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