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Discover the Top 10 Wedding Decor Vendors in Singapore for 2024!

Planning a wedding involves myriad details, and one of the most visually impactful is the decor. In Singapore, a city known for its vibrant and diverse wedding celebrations, choosing the right decor company can set the stage for a memorable event. Here’s a detailed look at the top 10 wedding decor vendors in Singapore that can transform your wedding venue into a breathtaking setting.

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Top 10 Wedding Decor vendors in Singapore

1. Rosette Designs & Co

rosette designs&co wedding decor vendor singapore

Rosette Designs & Co Led by Hellen Lie since 2013, Rosette Designs & Co offers a comprehensive service that covers everything from floral arrangements to day-of coordination. Their bespoke approach ensures that each wedding is unique and personal, reflecting the couple's style and theme.

2. Petite Fleur

petite fleur wedding decor vendor singapore

Petite Fleur Renowned for their exquisite and fresh floral designs, Petite Fleur excels in creating vibrant and elegant wedding settings using premium blooms. They offer a range of packages tailored to various wedding needs, ensuring each setup is as unique as their clients.

3. Pedaestalworks

pedestalworks wedding decor vendor singapore

Pedestalworks This company prides itself on crafting affordable yet stunning wedding decor solutions. Featured across multiple platforms for their innovative designs, Pedestalworks caters to a variety of wedding themes and offers custom packages to fit every story.

4. Mint Fresh Events

mint fresh events wedding decor vendor singapore

Mint Fresh Events With a focus on contemporary styles, Mint Fresh Events offers custom decorations that range from elegant to vintage. Their personalized service ensures that each wedding reflects the couple’s personality and vision.

5. Your Event Stylist

your event stylist wedding decor vendor singapore

Your Event Stylist Known for their meticulous attention to detail, Your Event Stylist specializes in creating thematic decorations that enhance the ambiance of any wedding venue. They offer a variety of decor services from floral arrangements to complete venue setups.

6. Bucket Full of Roses

bucket full of roses wedding decor vendor singapore

Bucket Full of Roses This florist is dedicated to bringing each couple’s wedding dream to life with vibrant and detailed floral designs. Using only the freshest flowers, they offer everything from bridal bouquets to full venue decorations.

7. The Interior Collections

the interior collections wedding decor vendor singapore

The Interior Collections Offering affordable luxury, The Interior Collections specializes in classic and chic wedding decor. They provide a wide range of services, ensuring every wedding they decorate is both beautiful and unique.

8. Hello Flowers

helloflowers wedding decor vendor singapore

Hello Flowers! As a social enterprise, Hello Flowers! not only creates stunning floral designs but also supports community initiatives. They specialize in whimsical and nature-inspired creations that add a special touch to any wedding.

9. Dreamscaper

dreamscaper wedding decor vendor singapore

Dreamscaper Founded by an award-winning wildlife photographer, Dreamscaper offers sustainable decor options that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. Their rental service allows for a versatile range of themes and setups.

10. Lily & Co

lily&co wedding decor singapore

Lily & Co Known for their attention to detail and commitment to turning ideas into reality, Lily & Co offers customized decor services that focus on exquisite details and vibrant themes. Their approach is personal, ensuring each wedding is both beautiful and uniquely memorable.

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