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Top 12 Wedding Suit Tailor Brands in Singapore for 2024

Updated: Apr 28

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and looking your absolute best is paramount. Singapore is home to an exceptional selection of tailors who specialize in wedding attire, ensuring that every couple glows with elegance and style on their special day. From bespoke suits to exquisitely tailored dresses, here are the top 10 wedding tailors in Singapore for 2024, each offering a unique blend of craftsmanship, style, and personalized service.

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Top 12 Wedding Tailor Brands in Singapore for 2024.

Wedding Tailors Under $400

1. Mohan's Custom Tailors

Nestled in the bustling Orchard area since 1982, Mohan's Custom Tailors offers a rich heritage of bespoke tailoring. With a focus on meticulous craftsmanship overseen by master tailor Mr. Koh, Mohan's is renowned for its detailed muslin fitting process, ensuring each suit is a testament to personalized elegance.

2. Ehkay Corner Tailors

With decades of tailoring experience, Ehkay Corner Tailors in Orchard Plaza offers a blend of tradition and contemporary suiting. Known for their exceptional customer service and local in-house production, they deliver quality and speed, along with affordable rental services for temporary needs.

3. Suit Commune

Suit Commune brings a modern twist to traditional tailoring with its basted fitting sessions and fashion-forward approach. Tailor Priscilla offers design expertise, making Suit Commune a go-to for those seeking a tailor that combines style consultancy with exceptional tailoring.

Instagram: Suit Commune IG

Website: Suit Commune

Wedding Tailors Under $600

4. Stitched Custom

Stitched Custom stands out for its trendy ambiance and rapid tailoring service. Specializing in stretchable fabrics for added comfort, they offer a plethora of customization options without additional costs, perfect for the busy professional or those in urgent need of tailored suits.

5. The Suited Label

The Suited Label, though affordable and relatively new, impresses with its in-house production. It strikes a perfect balance between youthful design and seasoned craftsmanship, offering detailed sartorial options and on-the-spot alterations.

6. The Gentlemen’s Atelier

Specializing in wedding attire, The Gentlemen’s Atelier offers unique and striking designs. With a commitment to craftsmanship, each suit features half-canvassed construction and comes with an array of customization options, all backed by local production.

Wedding Tailors Under $800

7. Gentlemen’s Pursuit

A fresh face in the tailoring scene, Gentlemen’s Pursuit combines JJ's seasoned expertise with launch promotions that present exceptional value. Their approach marries aggressive pricing with no compromise on quality, specializing in half-canvassed suits that cater to both budget-conscious and discerning clients.

8. Perfect Attire

Situated conveniently in the CBD, Perfect Attire excels in creating bespoke office and wedding attire with a keen focus on craftsmanship. They're distinguished by their meticulous basted fitting process and in-house production, ensuring unparalleled fit and finish.

9. Sors Studio

More than just a tailor, Gary at Sors Studio acts as an image consultant, offering both tailored clothing and styling advice. This tailor stands out for sourcing unique fabrics and providing extensive customization, from custom linings to patterned vests.

Instagram: Sors Studio IG

Website: Sors Studio

Wedding Tailors Under $1000

10. Edit Suits Co.

Edit Suits Co. simplifies the tailoring process, ideal for those with a busy schedule. Offering quality suits with a modern cut, this tailor is a favorite among professionals and grooms for its straightforward service and stylish, contemporary designs.

11. HST Tailors

HST Tailors brings a wealth of experience and a vast selection of quality fabrics to the table. Their personalized service includes multiple basted fittings, ensuring a perfect fit. They're known for their expertise and the ability to translate client visions into reality.

Instagram: HST Tailors IG

Website: HST Tailors

12. Meiko Tailor

Located within the luxurious Pan Pacific Hotel, Meiko Tailor is synonymous with the art of bespoke tailoring. Head Tailor Uncle Chung, with over 50 years of experience, ensures that every garment is crafted from scratch to meet individual client specifications.

Instagram: Meiko Tailor IG

Website: Meiko Tailor

Conclusion: As you explore these top wedding suit tailors in Singapore for 2024, remember that each brings their unique style and approach to storytelling. Couples who sign with TLGraphy can gain special rates and view more details here. Choose from these top wedding tailors in Singapore for 2024 and make your wedding day as beautiful and unique as your love story. Remember, as you make your selection, to consider factors such as their style, price, and any additional services they might offer.

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