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Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Planning a Chinese wedding? Here are 5 Singapore Chinese Wedding Taboos you should definitely try to avoid for your big day.

1. Attending inauspicious events

As much as possible, couples should try to avoid events like funerals. Attending inauspicious events is thought to bring bad luck for about-to-be-wed couples. Other interesting events to avoid would be events such as attending another friend's wedding or visiting a new mother that has just given birth.

2. Wedding timelines when someone passes

The death of either the groom or bride's parents before the wedding would require the couple to marry within 100 days of their passing. Alternatively, couples should wait up to 1,000 days after their passing. This is a sign of respect for the dead.

3. Don't meet another bride to be on your wedding day

Meeting another bride on your big wedding day is considered as bad luck due to the clash of luck. To prevent this, usually, friends & families would exchange Ang Baos instead of the couple.

4. Three times as a bridesmaid

There's a belief that a lady should not be a bridesmaid for any more than two times. Based on superstition, a lady would never get married if she does that. To prevent this, a bridesmaid can either catch the bouquet during a bouquet toss by the bride.

5. Zodiac signs of your wedding guests

Compatibility of zodiac signs is important in Chinese culture. Guests with clashing zodiac signs are usually not invited for the wedding as key contributors, such as bridesmaids, etc in fear of back luck.

These may be superstitious beliefs, but it never harms to play safe. Even if you aren't, your more traditional parents might be if it is a Chinese wedding.

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