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Updated: Nov 26, 2021

A Singapore Chinese wedding tea ceremony is essential for every Chinese wedding. It celebrates the unions between two families. Its also where the newlyweds will receive blessings from their family members.

Here is a quick guide on everything you need to know about a Singapore Chinese wedding tea ceremony. Since you are reading this, may also want to find out more about Singapore wedding ang bao rates.

Where is it held?

The Chinese wedding tea ceremony usually takes place on the actual wedding day in the homes of both the bride and the groom. Usually, the goom's family gets served first. Some other couples have also opted for a combination of both at a later time during the wedding banquet. While there is no hard and fast rule, be sure to check with your parents and future in-laws if they are okay with the arrangement!

Who will take part in it?

The participants for the wedding tea ceremony can be both long or short. We usually recommend couples to include most, if not all of their family members. Nevertheless, some couples have chosen to only invite their immediate family members for a more intimate session.

What is needed for the wedding tea ceremony?

The things to prepare will be

  1. Two sets of tea for each respective homes

  2. Preferably sweet tea as it symbolizes happiness (Cue tip - brew the tea with red dates and longan for additional fertility blessings)

  3. Have someone to assist in pouring and serving the tea on the tray

What to wear for the Singapore customary wedding ceremony?

You may select a Kua or an oriental cheongsam

How should you manage the Ang Baos?

Do assign a helper to help with the ang baos and gifts collection. You might be too busy trying to serve your new family tea and might not have the bandwidth to keep the ang baos safely.

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