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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Practical pre-wedding shoot tips in Singapore. Pre-wedding shoots in Singapore are important. Not only do they serve as perfect displays for your actual day, but they also serve as memorable photos that you will probably look at it with your partner when you are older. I am sure most of us have flipped through our baby photo albums, it's the same, well almost.

Y & G pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore by tlgraphy studios

To help you out, here are 10 extremely practical pre-wedding shoot tips in Singapore.

1. Sleep and rest early

The term, 'beauty sleep' is not just for show. You can avoid dark circles or tired skin by getting sufficient amounts of sleep in the days leading up to your pre-wedding shoot.

2. Tan lines

In the months leading up to your pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore, avoid spending too much time in the sun. You wouldn't want unsightly tan lines in your pre-wedding photos, well of course unless you like it that way. No judgment here, we promise.

3. Avoid bloating

Avoid salt and therefore avoid bloating and a more puffy face. Keep yourself well hydrated. This will help by giving your skin a healthier glow. Save that money spent on photoshop, or a more understandable terminology, 'mei tu xiu xiu'.

4. Select the right outfits

Coordinate your outfits, consult with your photographers on matching colors based on the selected photography locations. Do remember to match your footwear as well. Its more important than it seems.

5. Portable fans (battery operated)

Singapore is hot, and it doesn't help that you are wearing a multi-layered suit for the grooms and lace for the ladies. packing a portable fan will definitely come in helpful when taking your pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore.

6. Bring Props

Props can bring more accents to your pre-wedding shoot. Photographers will have more space to play around with and brings more variety to your photo albums.

7. Portable changing tents

Time is money. Bringing a portable changing tent that gives you the ability to change at any location will certainly help in saving time. Your photographer will therefore have more time to capture more amazing photos for you and your partner

8. Wet weather plans

It rains in Singapore. More often than we think. While we all would like to have that natural golden sun, not all of us are that lucky. With other professional vendors such as make-up artists and bridal studios involved, postponing isn't much of an option either. It's therefore important to make wet weather plans with your photographer, just incase.

9. Laugh

Be comfortable in your own skin, it's just you and your partner after all. The best way to get the candid photos we all want is to have fun during the shoot.

10. Enjoy the process

Every activity is an experience. So is a photoshoot. Enjoy, have fun and don't forget to be respectful to your photographer to keep him or her motivated!

If you are reading this, you might be considering and searching for affordable pre-wedding photography services. tlgraphy is experienced in taking natural photos that will capture beautiful memories as you recollect for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Looking for a make-up artist? Check out our list of wedding make-up artist vendors! Visit our website or Instagram to learn more about our services. You may also check our rates card to find affordable wedding photography services in Singapore.


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