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Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Canterbury Road in Singapore, heard about it? As a wedding photographer in Singapore, I have seen many beautiful locations for pre-wedding shoots. However, Canterbury Road has a unique charm that draws couples to it time and time again. The rolling slope, autumn foliage, and bamboo forest offer a variety of backdrops for stunning photos.

One of the biggest draws of Canterbury Road is the sunset. The way the sun's rays illuminate the entire area during golden hour is simply breathtaking. The slope serves as a great spot to capture candid moments, while the drain that runs down the slope creates a unique runway for couples to walk down.

But it's not just the slope that makes Canterbury Road special. The hidden canal and Japanese bamboo forest provide a different atmosphere for wedding photography. The canal offers a serene and peaceful backdrop, while the bamboo forest adds an element of nature to the shoot.

Another reason why Canterbury Road is an ideal location for wedding photography in Singapore is because of its unique trees. These trees are not commonly found in other parts of Singapore, making Canterbury Road even more special. These trees shed their leaves, creating a stunning backdrop of leafless branches against the sunset sky. The intricate and delicate branches of these trees add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any wedding photo. These unique trees provide the perfect natural frame for couples to create beautiful, timeless images that will be cherished for years to come. The combination of the unique trees, golden hour light, and beautiful scenery makes Canterbury Road a photographer's dream location.

As a wedding photographer, I have shot at Canterbury Road many times over the years. And even though I have seen it all, it still surprises me with its beauty every time. It's no wonder that many couples choose Canterbury Road for their pre-wedding shoots.

In conclusion, Canterbury Road is a hidden gem in Singapore for wedding photography. Its unique combination of beautiful sunset, rolling slope, autumn foliage, hidden canal, and bamboo forest make it a must-visit location for any couple looking to capture their special moments.

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