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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Planning a Wedding in Singapore? Here are 5 important things to note!

Newly engaged couples tend to be unaware of the amount of planning involved in a wedding. While couples should relish the excitement of being engaged, a great deal of thought should be put into their wedding planning as well.

1. Get a wedding planning checklist

As a newly engaged couple, you need to consider the many vendors you will hire (wedding photographers, videographers, etc) for your wedding. To top that list, you also need to consider practices such as Wedding Ang Baos or even nitty-gritty logistical work that needs to be covered. Having a wedding planning checklist will serve you a great deal to ensure that you wouldn't miss anything out for your big day and will help you visualize the various tasks in order of importance.

2. A wedding day timeline

Just like most events, a wedding timeline is of utmost importance. When should the logistics be shifted? Who will be coordinating the set-up? Who will handle the IT and media-related issues? These are some of the many questions your timeline should be able to answer.

You can start off by plotting the major events on your timeline, e.g. what time the banquet begins, what time is the gate crash, etc. You can then fit in other small details along the way. We will advise couples to start drafting their wedding timeline early (2-3 months prior to the wedding), and refine it along the way.

3. A wedding day coordinator

Weddings are huge, and some have invited over a thousand people to attend their big day. It is not going to be easy to manage and coordinate your wedding when you should really be enjoying your wedding out there. The answer? Appoint a wedding coordinator.

It can be anyone, ranging from a professional wedding planner to a very dedicated best friend of yours. Manage expectations with your wedding coordinator and have him run through your wedding rehearsals to fix any potential issues. After that, just enjoy the wedding process and leave the rest to your wedding coordinator.

4. Delegation is key

With so many tasks jam-packed within a single day, it's important to delegate your various wedding tasks accordingly. Don't be afraid to seek help from friends & families. Hold meetings to discuss if everyone is confident with their tasks assigned or perhaps if a reallocation of tasks is needed.

5. Visibility

Congratulations, you have done up your timeline, delegated the various tasks evenly, and have appointed a trustworthy friend to be you, wedding coordinator. What you have to do next is to ensure visibility. Put all the information, timeline, tasks list (with the appropriate contact details) in an excel master sheet. This will be extremely helpful for all participating stakeholders to understand the whole wedding planning process, as well as to refresh their memories whenever needed.

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