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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

We get it, figuring out Singapore Wedding Ang Bao can get confusing. Here are some giving practices to make your life easier.

It has been a long tradition to give Ang Baos to not just the couple, even the bride and groom themselves has to figure out how much to give their wedding helpers. Well, the important thing to note is whatever is the amount, the gift should come from your heart as a form of blessing to the newlyweds.

Singapore Wedding Ang Bao questions, from a guest perspective

1. I am attending my friend's wedding. Where do I start?

It's not a must to adhere to the market rates, however, we would recommend guests to refer to a wedding banquet list, and then round up to an auspicious figure. This will be applicable for Muslim guests too.

The closer you are to the couple, the higher the amount. It's that simple.

2. I've been invited to both a ROM ceremony and a banquet, do I give Ang Bao for both ceremonies?

The usual practice is to give only one Ang Bao for such situations. You may also consider getting a small gift for the first event, followed by the Ang Bao for the banquet.

3. How much Wedding Ang Bao should I give for a destination wedding?

Destination weddings are usually small. You are probably close to the couple since you are invited. We would recommend you to give more if the newlyweds are sponsoring your flight and accommodation.

4. I confirmed my attendance but couldn't make it to the wedding, should I still give an Ang Bao for their wedding?

Yes as the seats have already been booked for you. Imagine booking a movie ticket for your friend, only to have your friend bailing on you without agreeing to pay for the ticket. It's that simple. Admittedly, no one wants to miss a wedding without good reason, however as the couple has saved a special slot for you a small token of appreciation would always be appreciated.

5. How much should I prepare for my Singapore wedding Ang Bao when participating in a Solemnisation?

If there are no meals involved, we would recommend somewhere between $50 to $80. You may also consider buying a small gift instead.

This applies to church weddings too!

6. What are the auspicious figures to give for a wedding Ang Bao in Singapore?

For Chinese weddings, '8' is an auspicious number and '4' should be avoided. Try to avoid odd numbers too. For India Weddings, amounts ending in '1' is an auspicious number.

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