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It is one of the biggest days of your life, and you want to be sure the find the right photographer that best fit your needs. The solution? Be sure to interview the photographer before signing a contract. A wedding photographer isn’t just someone that is just taking still shots at a side of your wedding. Often, seasoned photographers in Singapore also help out to a great deal in directing the wedding flow to ensure a smooth wedding experience. Furthermore, as you will spending nearly the entire day with the photographer, it is important to have a discussion to ensure that you will be comfortable having them around.

(Before running through our list, you might also be looking for a wedding photographer in Singapore to immortalize cherished moments for your big day)

Here are 25 important questions you can consider when interviewing your wedding photographer in Singapore. We’ve prepared a list of questions that will help you narrow down the list of photographers that best fit your needs.


· Are you available on my actual wedding day in Singapore?

· Who will be the on-site photographer?

· Will you be the one editing the photos and is the editor from Singapore?

Background Check

· How many years of experience do you have shooting weddings?

· Can we see the portfolio of your recent wedding photos

· Have you ever worked with various partners such as videographers, florists and make-up artists?

· Have you shot at our wedding banquet location in Singapore before?


· How would you describe your photoshoot style?

· How would you describe your photoshoot editing and directing style?


· What’s included in your standard package?

· Are there any additional add on fees such as travel fee, taxes etc.?

· Do you have any pre-wedding and actual day bundles?

· Do you have any wedding vendor partners in Singapore?


· How will the image be delivered?

· Will you help us to print the wedding albums?

· What are the cost of printing the wedding albums?

· Will you be sharing our wedding images on social media?

· If it is a digital storage how long will the wedding photos be accessible online for?

· What is your turn around period for wedding photos?


· What is the deposit required?

· What is your refund or cancellation policy?

· Do you have liability insurance?

· Do you have a back-up plan if the main shooter can’t make it for our wedding?

· Can we provide a check-list of must have shots?

If you are reading this, you might be in the process of planning a wedding. If you are looking for Singapore wedding photography services, do consider tlgraphy. Our team consists of creative Singapore wedding photographers that are experienced in directing creative poses. Alternatively, if you are looking for a make-up artist, do check out our list of recommended vendors!


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