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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Your big day is coming, and what better way to capture that once-in-a-lifetime memory than by finding a wedding videographer in Singapore? Here are 10 tips for finding the wedding videographer for you.

1. Get a professional. Look we get it, who doesn't want to save cost. But considering all the time and energy that you have done to make this your perfect day, hiring a small videographer will be a small investment to pay to recognize the hard work you and your partner have done.

2. Local or nothing. Experience matters, it's always better to hire a wedding videographer that has experience working at the location. Knowing the best angles, when the sunsets etc are experiences that you can probably only get with a local videographer.

3. It's not just about the portfolio, check out their reviews too. Consistency is key, great wedding videographers can still deliver even on the rainier days. Checking out their reviews will be a great way to be certain about his consistency.

4. Go for a style you like. Similarly to finding a wedding photographer , each wedding videographer has his own style. It's best to select someone that suits your style best. Do not expect a wedding videographer to shoot a different style just because he is cheaper, that never works, believe it.

5. Drone equipment. Having a videographer with special equipment, such as drones will certainly add volume to your wedding videos.

6. Videographer's turn-around time. Before signing, do ask for the latest delivery period, you wouldn't want your videographer to take a year before sending your videos to you.

7. Edit options. Unlike photography, videography has multiple options for the final delivery. Some examples would be, highlight films, short films, feature films, documentaries, etc, it will be best to understand what kind of videos you are looking for. Have a chat with different wedding videographers, understand what video style they specialize in, and pick the ones that specialize in your favorite style.

8. Licensed music. Music has to be licensed, your video upload on youtube might get canceled. Be sure to check with your videographers if they have the license for the music they are using.

9. Price. While we all want the best wedding videographer for ourselves, be sure to spend within your wedding budget means. Capturing memories are important, but not when you are in debt after.

10. Managing expectations is key. Prices tend to be correlated to the videographer's experiences. Don't expect your videographer to deliver as much as the more experienced videographers if you have a lower budget.

If you are reading this, you might be in the process of looking for a wedding photographer in Singapore too. If you are looking for Singapore wedding photography services, do consider tlgraphy. The tlgraphy team has amazing wedding photography and videography bundles with partners such as silverstudiosg.


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