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It has been a difficult journey so far with Covid-19. Many might be wondering how wedding photography services will be impacted during the pandemic in Singapore.

Banned large gatherings along with social distancing guidelines have unsurprisingly led to a huge slowdown in the wedding industry. Singaporeans find it easier to postpone or cancel their big day altogether. With so many restrictions in place, many couples are therefore extremely worried this will affect wedding photography services in Singapore. While our team can't speak for other companies, we will share a few steps that tlgraphy has taken to ensure a smooth wedding photography journey for our couples.

Firstly, postponement and refund policies. Our team has decided to provide a full refund for any actual day weddings canceled due to Covid-19, in the scenario of the bride, groom, or photography team contracts the virus. This will give the assurance that you will not forfeit the booking deposit due to the virus!

Secondly, photo-taking regulations on actual day weddings. As a photography team, tlgraphy is constantly on the lookout for new IMDA regulations. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, these rules have been changing quite frequently over the past few months. To ensure that regulations are met appropriately, our team is constantly checking in with the appropriate authorities. Couples may rest assured and simply consult your photographer for the latest rules and regulations.

Thirdly, pre-wedding shoot venues that have been affected by the pandemic. Cafes are no longer as flexible to provide indoor shoot permits, and most indoor photoshoot locations have been badly affected by the virus. Regardless, our team has diligently scouted for new pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Singapore that are very affordable!

Finally safety. We get it, it must be really worrying being near a wedding photographer that has been constantly exposed to multiple weddings. At tlgraphy, we take safety measures very seriously and will always wear a N95 mask (for indoor venues) and an additional face shield as a precaution. This is to ensure your guest's protection as well as to prevent any disruption of wedding plans by not falling ill.

If you are concerned about wedding photography during the pandemic in Singapore, you might be searching for Singapore wedding photography services as well. Visit our wedding photography site or Instagram to learn more about our services. You may also check our rates card to find affordable wedding photography services in Singapore.


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