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18 Captivating Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Singapore!

Updated: Apr 28

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in travel restrictions, severely limiting the locations that every couple can choose to hold their pre-wedding photoshoots. However, there’s no need to fret! Within our red dot, there are numerous aesthetic locations that you may not have even heard of.

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Here, we have compiled a list of pre-wedding photoshoot locations that you may consider having your own photoshoot at!

1. Chinatown Complex

A popular pre-wedding photoshoot location with an open rooftop and a vintage building backdrop.

2. East Coast Park

A location that provides couples with a beautiful sunset-lit backdrop with a beautiful beach and rainy trees.

3. Golden Mile Complex

Looking to take a street-style pre-wedding photoshoot with a modern architectural background? Golden Mile Complex is a great location with numerous "photoshoot zones" for you to discover.

4. Joo Chiat Streets

To get bright and colourful pre-wedding photos, head to the Joo Chiat Streets for its unique murals and vibrant Peranakan houses.

5. Old Holland Road

Clear open plains for you to have free rein over the props you bring to your pre-wedding photoshoot.

6. Seletar Airspace

Fun location for photoshoots with a boardwalk beside planes. Old colonial houses are also available for beautiful backdrop.

7. Timor Island

Known as Singapore's "New Zealand", Timor Island's stoney pathway beside its clear river serves as a picturesque spot for a photoshoot.

8. Tiong Bahru

Choose Tiong Bahru as your pre-wedding shoot location if you are aiming for a vintage and arty feel.

9. Upper/Lower Pierce Reservoir

Natural landscape with stoney riverbanks beside a lake for a picturesque photoshoot.

10. Changi Airport/Jewel

The airport offers you a futuristic yet modern space with a touch of nature.

11. Raffles Hotel

Looking for a classical background? Raffles Hotel offers white gothic architecture, stained glass and high ceilings as a beautiful backdrop for your pre-wedding photoshoots.

12. Gillman Barracks

White pillars and colonial architecture that will provide you with a clean and neat photoshoot despite potential wet weather.

13. Laundry Shop

If you are hoping to have an unconventional location to have your pre-wedding shoot, try a laundry shop for a homely, casual and nostalgic feel.

14. Little Olde Gallery

Finding a unique and interesting location with beautiful decor? The Little Olde Gallery is an underrated location which features a vintage 1960s Singapore styled house, perfect for retro pre-wedding photoshoots.

15. Marina One

Complex modern architecture with a touch of nature.

16. National Art Gallery

Have your pre-wedding shoot at the gorgeous National Art Gallery that boasts its roman styled modern architecture!

17. National Museum

Or enjoy a beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot at the classical-styled National Museum building filled with white structures.

18. Wee's Collection

Wee's Collection provides a retro and nostalgic backdrop filled with numerous vintage props to spice up your pre-wedding photoshoot!

It is definitely important to find the ideal pre-wedding shoot location that is suited to your personal preferences. We hope that this list has given you inspiration to plan where to have your photoshoot at.

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